BigPay International Remittance Review

BigPay International Remittance Review 2020

How BigPay Makes Remitting Money Fast From Malaysia To Singapore?

Worried about transferring money from Malaysia to Singapore? Not sure how much time will it take, moreover concerned about the banking charges? Use BigPay.

This is not only your story, but of many others who have to pay a hefty amount as bank charges in both the countries while transferring money from one country to another. Added with this is uncertainty about the time that will be required for the whole transaction to be completed! You can check out my review on TransferWise if you’re looking for a faster way to send money to Singapore.

They have launched international remittance system with which one can transfer money to other countries from Malaysia fast in September 2019! You just need BigPay mobile app and you can send money to Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Thailand and more. We can expect more countries available in future. I also wish to see more players coming to Malaysia to grab the pie.

Easy to navigate, check past transaction on BigPay app.
Easy to navigate, check past transaction on BigPay app.

What is BigPay and how it helps?

BigPay is a mobile app that is aimed at remitting money internationally much faster and with transparency. You need to download the app and sign up an account with your mobile number. You can transfer money to any other countries much faster and the charges for such transfer are quite low compared to the transfer fees charged by the local banks. Read here for more.

If you have foreign currency account with your bank, please do check the rate through online banking. However, you will find out the given rates are pretty bad. By using BigPay, you just need to pay transfer fee from RM5 (Singapore) to a maximum of RM13 (Thailand) each time to different countries. I will suggest you to make one transfer instead of multiple transfers to avoid paying more fee (RM5 per transfer to Singapore).

CountryTotal Fees (MYR)
The Philippines8.00
You can notice the transfer time before you proceed the transfer.
You can notice the transfer time before you proceed the transfer.

You can estimate the time needed for each transfer when you have selected the country where you are sending the money. So, you do not have to wait for days for the money being credited to your account. For example, transferring money to Singapore you have to pay a charge of RM5 and if you transfer the money before 5pm then it will take 1 working day. If it’s after 5pm from Monday to Friday, it will take 2 working days. 

You can refer the fee & exchanged rate used for your past transfers.
You can refer the fee & exchanged rate used for your past transfers.

The best part of all this is that it’s simple to use and easy to send. Let’s find out how to use it.

How to use?

The process of transferring the money from Malaysia to Singapore or any other country is very simple. 

Assume you do not have BigPay app, then you have to download it from either Play Store or Apple App Store. 

  • Firstly, you can get FREE RM10 sign up bonus by using code NCHAEGPZ2X
  • You need to take picture of your IC or passport for verification purposes.
  • You have to add at least an amount of RM20 to the BigPay account as a joining fee. It’s refundable anyway.
  • Next, you can expect the delivery of your BigPay card within 14 working days after the sign up. You can contact their customer support to follow up the process too.
  • Now activate BigPay and you are ready to transfer money internationally to Singapore or any other country. 

Complete your transfer with these simple steps.

Tap on 'Payments'
Tap on ‘Payments’
  • Open the app and then click on the Payments Tab. 
  • Select International bank transfer there. 
  • Choose the country of destination where you want to transfer money. 
  • Mention the recipient bank details where you want to send the money.
  • You check the amount charged as fees and also the exchange rate. Remember to confirm the final amount. 
  • After reviewing the transaction, accept it and its done. 

Yes, it is as simple as that. It will take only few minutes to complete the whole process. As you can see everything clearly, about the exchange rate and the estimate transfer time. 


You have to perform an electronic KYC (Know your Customer) for your first transfer. This is because international remittance is regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia and BigPay comes under them. I just waited a few hours on weekday for this process.

You may encounter failed remittance sometimes. There may be many reasons for that but most probably it happens if you put in wrong recipient details. Thus it is best to recheck the recipient details before you click on send. You can just tap the app to contact their support for help anytime.

There is also a limit on the total money that you can transfer daily and monthly. I will use TransferWise if I have reached RM30,000 monthly limit capped by BigPay. It varies for individual countries, so know the details before sending the money. 

You can use credit card to top up BigPay capped at RM5,000 monthly. Otherwise, you can just fund your account with Debit Card / Online Banking.

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