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Syfe REIT+: The Unique Factors [Review 2020, Portfolio Update]

Robo advisors like Syfe are the digitalized versions of traditional investment houses. While in traditional ways, your account is handled by a manager, robo advisors replace the human factor by adding algorithms to assess your needs.

Syfe has established easy access to invest in various portfolios through digital means. It is the only robo advisor that operates a REIT portfolio in Singapore. The platform came into being in 2019 and has soon garnered the interest of many potential investors.

Passive earning through risk management

Syfe enables you to earn an income while making sure to stay within the bounds of your risk preference. Rather than focusing mainly on returns, the system makes sure to take your risk preference into account first. Thus, optimizing your returns based on your selection of risk. Syfe uses Adjusted Risk-managed Investments (ARI) to make sure that your REIT portfolio returns aren’t sacrificed because of your risk level. 

Syfe REIT+
Syfe REIT+

Exceptional investment options through Syfe REIT+

It is the only robo advisor in Singapore to offer such service to local & international investors like me. Furthermore, there are many funding methods you can choose from. For Malaysian investors, you can consider TransferWise to make deposit.

The REIT+ portfolio stands tall as it gives you a combination of all the listed REITs in Singapore. Your portfolio is sure to be diversified into different sectors such as retail, office, residential, health care, and more. Above all, this helps in making sure that your portfolio isn’t too risky. Only high-quality REITs are selected in which most of your investment is diversified. 

Basically, the portfolio created is managed completely by Syfe’s investment team and various algorithms to make sure that your portfolio is optimized.

Easy transactions through lowered costs

The platform offers a low-cost system for potential investors; it only charges a minimal of 0.4% to 0.65% annually, depending on your investment. Additionally, you will need to pay ETF management fee for ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund charged by ETF provider Nikko Asset Management (0.04 – 0.06% p.a). In addition, there is no minimum investment requirement. Most investment houses have minimum investment limit criteria but that’s not the case with Syfe. You can invest as much as you want.

Min AmountAs little as $1100 units / REIT
CDP & brokerage accountNot requiredRequired
Advanced risk managementYN
Auto rebalance / reoptimizeYN
Auto reinvest dividendsNo extra costAdditional fee
Brokerage fees00.5%
Management feesStarting at 0.4 – 0.65% p.a.0.5 – 1.5% p.a. for managed REIT Strategies
There’s no exit charges. You’re free to withdraw your money whenever you want – at no extra charge. You can view your portfolio on web app or Syfe mobile app. The system will be refreshed at 2pm daily during weekday. Besides, you can add all the tickers on Yahoo Finance to check the latest price.

What’s in your Syfe REIT+ portfolio?


Firstly, they have allocated 15 high-quality REITs in February 2020. These are listed on Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), denominated in SGD and include the finest real estate in Singapore. Yet, they have introduced the Enhanced REIT+ Portfolio which tracks SGX’s iEdge S-REIT 20 Index, the most liquid representation of the S-REIT market in Singapore.


Syfe’s Automated Risk-managed Investments (ARI) strategy combines S-REITs with a portfolio of high quality Singapore Government bonds to reduce the overall risk of the portfolio. For instance, I noticed that Syfe has allocated close to 50% of my fund to ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund during the March sell-off in 2020.

100% REITs PortfolioREITs with Risk Management Portfolio
Tracks SGX’s iEdge S-REIT 20 Index, the most liquid representation of the S-REIT market in SingaporeCombines S-REITs with Singapore Government Bonds for a risk-managed portfolio
Replicates the performance of the index for stable dividend distributions and high yieldCushions against market volatility for greater peace of mind
Dollar cost average to accumulate quality REITs month after monthS-REIT allocation tracks the iEdge S-REIT 20 Index for efficient diversification
2019 dividend yield: 5.1%2019 dividend yield: 4.6%
You have the options to go for 100% REITs or REITs with SGB for your portfolio.

Bottom line

Syfe’s REIT+ is one of the most unique elements available in terms of investing. This product prevails in Singapore given the cost-efficiency it provides. With no minimum limit to investment, it is easier for investors to join in and utilize all the opportunities that Syfe has to offer. 

The annual charge is justified given that your portfolio is continuously adjusted to your risk preference and everything is managed by Syfe. Unless you’re aware of all the details of portfolio creation and know how to keep a check of all your investments, then you can opt for an individual REIT. Though I think the best platform to do that is FSMOne as lower fee will be charged.

However, REIT+ offered by Syfe reduces all your work and allows you to earn passively without worrying about how you will manage it all. Most importantly, I don’t have enough time to be spent in creating a D.I.Y S-reit portfolio. Although I still interested in adding local Malaysian REITs in my holdings. Anyway, there are only a few of them are in my watchlist for now. For instance, KIPREIT, IGBREIT & SUNREIT will be considered first.

Syfe Sign up Bonus!

Since REIT+ is a relatively new product of Syfe, they’re also offering promotional codes to attract investors. Investing in REIT+ using the right promo codes can reward investors with bonuses ranging from around S$10 to S$100!

Syfe Sign Up Bonus

Get started in 3 easy steps:

  1. Complete your risk profile and open your account using promo code SRPRMSCU4 (link).
  2. Fund your account in SGD.
  3. Your bonus will be credited to your portfolio.
My Syfe REIT+ with Risk Management as dated 27 April 2020.
My Syfe REIT+ with Risk Management as dated 27 April 2020.

I started investing Syfe REIT+ with risk management since early March 2020 before the sell-off. In other words, my freshly funded portfolio has been hit. I have scheduled fund transfer (smaller amount) weekly to my portfolio since there are so many uncertainties globally.

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