My Portfolio

This is where I do my weekly portfolio updates. Here’s a quick intro about me.

A salaryman based in Kuala Lumpur. Late 20s and still happy with my 10-7 day job, 5 working days a week. This blog is served as my journal to record my daily random thoughts, financial planning, ideas and motivations. Bad at investing.


  • Started my mini portfolio with cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Binance Coin)
  • Made a wrong choice in Genesis Mining, a cloud-mining company which is still exists now (surprisingly!). Purchased a two-year plan for Monero (XMR) mining, the realised return was terrible. Didn’t manage to make any profit out of this crypto world.


  • Still holding the same amount of cryptocurrency.
  • Committed to my first property purchase. Half of my salary will be contributed to this commitment.
  • Local stock trades made <20. Enough to buy a few cups of hot latte.
  • Stashaway Malaysia early bird.


  • Base currency changed to Singapore Dollars.
  • Invested in Syfe Reit+.
  • Started to invest globally, VWRA in April 2019.
  • Swift VWRA to SWRD.
  • Swift to Syfe 100% REIT.
  • Converted all cryptocurrencies to USDT.